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Casa Modena has long-established roots that after decades of development have resulted in significant market players in the salumi sector in Italy combining forces.


In 1946, at the dawn of post-war reconstruction, the Butchery Cooperative ACM (Azienda Cooperativa di Macellazione) was established that along with the ASSO brand played a significant role in the history of Italian cold meats.


After just two years, the Inter provincial Food Cooperative of Modena (CIAM – Cooperativa Interprovinciale Alimentari Modena) was established based on the same ideals of solidarity as ACM. The objective was to provide quality products at prices that were also accessible to consumers in the weaker financial brackets.


The development of these two Cooperatives continued until 1991 when they merged to form UNIBON, a large cooperative group, specialising in the production and sale of more affordable pork, beef and cold meats.


Cold meats became the core business, to the extent that in 1995 it was decided to create a brand that could combine all of the knowledge accumulated over fifty years of history, and meet the new requirements of consumers.

And this is how Casa Modena was born.

It is a history that reaches the dinner tables of Italians every day, thanks to the skill of the people working there and the most modern manufacturing techniques, which guarantee the highest levels of food safety while respecting the traditions and flavours of this region.


Today, Casa Modena forms part of Grandi Salumifici Italiani, a leading company in the Italian food sector that has become a point of reference for the cold meats industry. The strength of Grandi Salumifici Italiani lies in its ability to bring together the collective knowledge of its different proprietary brands, protecting and supporting them to ensure manufacturing development that is in step with the times.

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