The one and only Teneroni

The Teneroni family introduces you to a fun and nutritious world: join us at the table and discover all of the pleasure of a main dish conceived for children, yet good for everyone.

Each meal becomes truly tasty with the unique and unmistakable Teneroni recipes. All different, Teneroni products bring an appetising joy to the table. You can finally choose a tasty, fun and fantastic meal for you and your children every day. Free of glutamate and gluten, Teneroni combine taste and fun in cooked chicken or beef. Now you can try the juicy and tasty Teneroni Burger. In 180 g. A treat for the whole family.

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Imagine a glass of orange juice, a lavishly set table and a meal with friends: fun, authentic and quick, just like a smile. A touch of extra flavour is all it takes to be happy. And it’s a done deal.