High quality Prosciutto Cotto

Simply good.

With only a maximum of 2% fat, LiberaMente’s Prosciutto Cotto di Alta Qualità Magro maintains all the flavour the tenderness of classic slices of cooked ham. It is cut from selected fat-free whole legs, to maintain a delicate, full-flavoured taste. It doesn’t contain gluten or lactose. Enjoy it as a starter or a main course with vegetables or the delicious ingredients for the recipes.

From today you can find it at the deli counter too. Just ask your “salumi specialist”.

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Imagine a bicycle, a book, a couple of friends, the sun shining in a clear sky: these are the ingredients for a healthy life, without giving up a single touch of fun and a little more taste. Just like LiberaMente, the ideal snack for whoever appreciates the taste of living well.